Volunteer Shoutout!

Volunteer appreciation

At TigerMountain Foundation (TMF), we consistently have numerous volunteers join us in our community gardens, in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team appreciates everyone who dedicates their free time to meet our community and assist in achieving our mission. Volunteers empower us to keep working together to bring opportunities, love, and pride to everyone around us.

Three remarkable volunteers stand out to us and we want to acknowledge them for all of their uniqueness. Each of them have spent more than a year with us in and around the gardens. Their endless support brings a tremendous amount of joy to our Phoenix communities. Every joke, laugh, hug, dig makes the day even more exciting when we get an opportunity to hang out with amazing people in our volunteer circle. 

Tyrese Wilson

When you’re heading to our next volunteer session, keep your eyes out for our volunteer Tyrese Wilson, one of our most humorous volunteers around TigerMountain Foundation’s gardens. Tyrese dedicates his time every week tending to the greenery at MAC 6. Our team loves to see his cheerful attitude and contagious smile.

Just recently, at the fourth Saturday gathering, Tyrese received a TMF shirt to thank him for all of his hard work. Tyrese walked up to the stage with a huge smile on his face, grinning ear to ear. As he grabbed the shirt he hugged Darren Chapman, our CEO/founder , and asked to say a few words. When he began to speak we were shocked to hear him freestyle his own song he had written recently. Everyone enjoyed the positive message he conveyed through his lyrics. 

Everyone here can confirm that Tyrese brightens the day with his humor and jokes. He always makes us laugh and feel at ease no matter the situation. We love Tyrese’s bright and cool personality and are so thankful for the dedication he has towards community.

Mark Beehler

Mark Beehler, our garden guru volunteer, always improves The Garden of Tomorrow in Phoenix with his innovative insights. Mark presents as a smart and caring individual, and we are lucky to have him. 

When talking to Mark, he mentioned how he loves the connections he has built and the community as a whole each time he comes to volunteer.

At TMF, we realize how much he contributes to our community that he loves and hope he knows how much of an impact he makes. 

Mark Beehler, our Phoenix volunteer receiving a shirt from TMF
When talking to Mark, he mentioned how he loves the connections he has built and the community as a whole each time he comes to volunteer. At TMF, we realize how much he contributes to our community that he loves and hope he knows how much of an impact he makes.  Mark led the way to help create a micro garden at the Garden of Tomorrow’s entry way. “I remember when he came up with the idea of using paint stirrers to create this unique picket fence around an area that was being underutilized.” Stephanie, TMF staff. Mark came out during a 4th Saturday experiential service and learning volunteer session and had people of all ages let their creativity shine in their contribution to painting a paint stick. Today this garden stands as a testament of community, contribution, and creativity. 
Garden of Tomorrow

When we walk into the Garden of Tomorrow, as we harvest carrots, spinach, flowers and more we are reminded that Mark is an absolute asset to our community. We look forward to seeing Mark come out to the gardens on his bike every Friday with his smile, innovation, and leadership. 

Mark continues to create positive differences in the community and Phoenix gardens, and we are so happy he found us. He impacts us in ways that we will forever treasure. 

Gary Streeter

Gary Streeter receiving a TMF shirt for being an amazing Phoenix volunteer.

Gary Streeter describes TMF as phenomenal and loves how we share and care for each other. Little does he know that TMF feels that same way about Gary! To TMF, when we see Gary, we see a strong, inspirational leader. He carries such selfless love and has consistently encouraged others to grow as  individuals. 

Gary deserves to be recognized for his dedication to bring others to our community and better everyone around him. Every time he volunteers you can guarantee that Gary will not be alone, he always brings a platoon of volunteers with him from The Mission Continues, to multiple garden sites within Phoenix. This includes The Garden of Tomorrow and Brooks People’s Garden. 

The Mission Continues, led by Gary Streeter, volunteering in TMF's Phoenix community garden

We are grateful for his presence and cannot believe he has already been volunteering with us for almost 3 years! 

Our own team member, Rodney Smith, shared with us how Gary impacted his life through Next Level performance. Gary, being a seasoned mentor, saw the spark within him, he took Rodney under his wing. With Gary’s guidance, Rodney adopted healthier habits, started managing his finances wisely and investing in his well-being. Rodney continues to thrive as an individual, and he credits Gary for making a huge impact on his life.

TMF thanks all of these volunteers for their dedication, time, and love to our foundation. We deeply appreciate all of you. These volunteers have inspired many more to join our cause and hope they inspired you.

If you would like to meet our volunteers or join our cause please consider joining our next experiential service learning session  in Phoenix and volunteering!

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