TigerMountain Foundation Is The Best Volunteer Opportunity in Phoenix AZ

Everyone has the power to make a difference in their community. Your effort counts, whether you are young, old, or have a different background than others. Phoenix, AZ needs your help. There are several issues that plague our community, from high recidivism rates to a lack of access to fresh, healthy food. TigerMountain Foundation empowers communities through local growing projects, community gardens, landscaping and agriscaping services. Find out why TigerMountain Foundation is the best volunteer opportunity in Phoenix, AZ.

Who Is TigerMountain Foundation

TigerMountain Foundation is a non-profit that manages community gardens in Phoenix, AZ. Since 2007, our mission has been to empower the community by building flourishing community gardens on vacant lots in South Phoenix. These gardens improve the aesthetics of the community and also provide a source of local, freshly grown produce. With the help of our volunteers, we plant fruits and vegetables, while cultivating a better community. We do this through our gardening projects and local initiatives.

Our Mission: To empower communities to better themselves from within. We do this through community garden volunteer work through shared use Community Gardens/Incubator Farms, other cultivated spaces of opportunity in Phoenix, AZ and landscaping initiatives.

Recidivism and Lack of Healthy Food Options in Challenged Phoenix Communities

Areas like South Phoenix and other challenged communities have been grappling with issues such as high recidivism and incarceration rates, poor food choices and a low-quality education system. Arizona was reported to have the fourth-largest imprisonment rate in the U.S. TigerMountain Foundation strives to reverse these issues though building community gardens and agri-scaping initiatives. Our gardens are located near food deserts, which are areas that are over a mile away from available fresh produce. TigerMountain Foundation offers support to at risk youth and the formerly incarcerated by providing them skills for a better life.

Meet Darren Chapman: Founder of TigerMountain Foundation

Darren Chapman grew up in Phoenix and Los Angeles during the 1970s. He felt that he had to choose between two paths. One path was to make a name for himself in rough neighborhoods. The other path was the capability to help build up the community. Through TigerMountain Foundation, he now empowers the community though flourishing community gardens, teaching job skills and providing support and work development. Darren along with many of the staff, are formerly incarcerated persons who are from the very same neighborhoods they serve.

“When people around your city believe in something and see that you are ready to put forth the work effort, then it actually works for the greater good; for the whole community. That is what we are seeing- everyone starts to see an angle and an opportunity. The hope has been magnificent – the hope that it has created in our community. Also the hope that it has created within myself, that an organization that believes in disenfranchised, low-income families, help them propel themselves into a better way of life.” – Darren Chapman, Founder

Volunteer Opportunities at TigerMountain Foundation

At TigerMountain Foundation, there is more than one way to “get your hands dirty”. There are many ways to volunteer with us.

  • Helping In Our Community Gardens – Our gardens in Phoenix include the Garden of Tomorrow and the Spaces of Opportunity Garden. Many of our volunteer events take place in these gardens.
  • Initiatives and Projects – We host “TMF 2nd and 4th Sundays” each month. These are an eclectic mix of experimental and service-learning gardening/incubator farming with audio, visual and performance arts.
  • Landscaping and Agriscaping – Volunteers provide landscaping services to local businesses and residents.

Benefits of Volunteering With TigerMountain Foundation

There are many reasons why we are the best volunteer opportunity in Phoenix AZ. To us, you are more than just a volunteer, you are our friend, and a fellow member of our community. Our volunteers help our gardens grow and come to life, and because of that, we value you. You’ll find that as a volunteer, you’ll “get what you give” so to speak. There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer.

  • Learn Gardening, Landscaping, and Growing – If you’ve always had an interest in gardening, now is your chance to learn. TigerMountain Foundation will teach you the basics of gardening, landscaping and growing your own food.
  • Build Character – Develop a good ethic, learn teamwork and get educated on how to set goals
  • Get Educated on Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Financial Literacy
  • Receive A Good Workout – You’re going to be working with your hands a lot – shoveling, digging, and carrying tools. Make Mother Nature your gym.
  • Make Friends – Our group of volunteers works hard but also makes time for relaxing with friends, laugher and connecting with others.
  • Become A Part of The Community – When you offer a hand in your community, you become something that is bigger than yourself.

Volunteer Success Stories

TigerMountain Foundation’s initiatives have already touched many lives in the Phoenix community. In 2019, we mentored over 1,100 volunteers and participants along with their families. We even reached thousands more through events and speaking engagements.

Jerome T. Jr. (age 23) – Jerome worked with TigerMountain Foundation for three years before venturing into the workforce. He is currently working with the city of Phoenix.

James R. (age 28) – After working with TigerMountain Foundation for two years, James is currently working for neighborhood services for the City of Phoenix.

Moses – Moses was drafted by an NFL football team but did not have a successful professional career and fell on hard times. After completing our On The Job Initiative, Moses now has residential and commercial landscape accounts, is a sole proprietor, happily married, and a strong fixture in his community.

Become A Part Of The Best Volunteer Opportunity in Phoenix AZ

As a volunteer, you have the power to make Phoenix a better place. Join TigerMountain Foundation in enhancing community spaces and lending a hand to at-risk youth and adults. You’ll also gain the skills you need to create a better life for yourself. Through gardening, we bring people of all races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds together.

To become a volunteer, visit our Activities page where you will find timeslots for volunteering. You can also make a donation to us through Fry’s Food Stores when you connect your loyalty card to TigerMountain Foundation. TigerMountain Foundation has also partnered with AmazonSmile, where a percentage of your purchases goes back to TMF.  For questions or concerns about volunteering, call 602-687-7725 or send us a message here. Learn more about our organization at www.tigermountainfoundation.org.

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