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Thank You For Your Interest

It’s because of wonderful people like you that TMF is able to carry on its very important community work. Your contributions are also making the Phoenix, AZ area a better place. The TigerMountain Foundation is dedicated to agriscaping Projects Phoenix. Thank you for your interest in TigerMountain Foundation. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

Agriscaping Projects Phoenix

Agriscaping Projects in Phoenix

Agriscaping is edible landscaping. Have TigerMountain create a beautiful edible landscape in your yard or workplace open areas. Agriscaping is what you get when you bring together the best of ornamental landscaping and also the best of productive agriculture. TigerMountain Foundation offers Agriscaping and also Volunteering Initiatives in Phoenix.

South Phoenix has one of the highest recidivism (return back to jail) rates in the nation

The TigerMountain Foundation reverses that problem through our community gardens and landscaping initiatives. These initiatives also teach practical life skills to kids, adults, and seniors, keeping them out of jail, and improving their lives and community.

To us, “social and economic mobility” means achieving tangible personal agency – building within each person a genuine self-value and competency that enables them to rise above the poverty and negative expectations that surround them. The TigerMountain strategy empowers adults and youth via our agriscaping initiatives. They work alongside capable hard-working professionals as volunteers who encourage and mentor them through every step.  These programs also culminate in the development of good professionals – participants leverage the skills and morals they’ve learned to build an honest life for themselves, free of criminality and desperation, and have the skills to earn a living wage. 

For non-participant community members, SEM also means finding genuine nourishment in the food we grow – we are what we eat, after all.  TMF initiatives also address food scarcity in this food desert area of Phoenix, AZ plus empower the economically disadvantaged participants with job skills to enable them to earn a living wage.  In this 80% recidivism area, TMF participants also enjoy an 85% rate of NOT returning to jail, or entering the justice system in the first place!  We use an Asset Based Community Development model that gives community members a hand up, not a handout.

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