Spaces of Opportunity Garden

Spaces of Opportunity Garden

Spaces of Opportunity Garden

The Spaces of Opportunity Garden is our 19-acre urban plot farm located in Phoenix, Arizona. Tiger Mountain Foundation has taken this empty lot and turned it into a beautiful, flourishing garden that is centered at the heart of its community, surrounded by schools and neighborhood homes.

Our Main Mission and Goals

Tiger Mountain Foundation’s main goals are focused on enabling all South Phoenix Families with greater accessibility to healthy fruits and vegetables, promoting active lifestyles, and community collaboration. Working with individuals from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences offers a safe and inclusive space that constantly supports one another and the crops we care for.

Spaces of Opportunity (SOO) has grown into a beautiful community-based land over the years. Mostly since 2015. This is a place where everyone in the community is able to come together and welcome all to come. To be a part of opportunities in the garden.

Spaces of Opportunity consists of:

  • Farmers Markets (October through May) on a weekly basis
  • Incubator Farm
  • Community Farm

The Farmers Market provides the community with healthy food. That Tiger Mountain Foundation has grown in the garden. With these initiatives, TigerMountain Foundation is able to store harvested produce and sell on-site. Which we are very grateful for. Being able to store and sell on-site is so beneficial because it creates extreme accessibility with bringing healthy options to the community, especially with the garden being in a “food desert”.

Although the pandemic has brought many challenges to the community. Tiger Mountain Foundation has been able to maintain its objective and continues to see the SOO Garden flourish. This garden is a place where the community can go and work together. Getting through these difficult times and share their love for working together, gardening, and uplifting their community.

Spaces of Opportunity has brought positivity to the community. They did this by creating an environment where everyone can get together outside and get their hands dirty, growing a variety of fruit and vegetables. While building up their immune systems by getting some natural vitamin-D from the Phoenix sunshine. Additionally, those in need have the opportunity to gather harvested foods to enjoy and nourish themselves later, at home.

Recently, Spaces of Opportunity and Tiger Mountain have been recognized by being featured on The Ellen Show! Ellen announced that the Sprouts Foundation donated $100,000 to SOO. She included her commandments to our mission by stating, “With hunger on the rise across our country due to the pandemic, their efforts are more important than ever.” Read more about it here on Ellentube

Sprouts Farmers Market features Spaces of Opportunity:

TigerMountain Foundation has been able to not only gain support from families within the greater Phoenix area. But through big businesses, just like Sprouts! Organizations such as Sprouts make it possible for TigerMountain Foundation to continue to provide the community with the love and nourishment they need. Especially through these hard times endured during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Although it has indeed been a difficult year for many, Spaces of Opportunity has been able to provide a safe-haven, where members of the community can go and find access to fresh food and togetherness! Spaces of Opportunity has given everyone hope, happiness, and a sense of security.

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