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When you give, your dollars make a difference in South Phoenix communities. Any amount you donate is really appreciated because it will be used to improve the lives of underserved people in south Phoenix.

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Non-Profit Community Gardens

Challenged Communities need help, especially with areas where there is increased incarceration and poor health choices. The TigerMountain Foundation reverses that problem through our community gardens and agri-landscaping initiatives. These initiatives teach practical life skills to youth, adults and seniors, keeping them out of jail, and improving their lives and community. We are a Non-Profit Organization that manages Community Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.  See more of TigerMountain Foundation at work in the Video Library.

Giving Back

Learn about what we are doing for the Phoenix community.

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Farmer’s Market

We bring our fruits and veggies to local farmer’s markets. 

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TMF Initiatives

TigerMountain Foundation empowers the community to help themselves.

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Discover the TigerMountain Community

The TigerMountain Foundation (TMF) plants fruits & veggies while cultivating better communities. This is done through community garden volunteer work.

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Get Your Hands Dirty

Non-Profit Community Garden in Phoenix, AZ

Plant, harvest, eat — and have fun — at our events located around the metro Phoenix area.

Our Fruits of Labor

Community growing projects | Phoenix, AZ | TigerMountain Foundation

See what we’ve grown. Find out where you can buy our produce.

Donate Your Groceries With Fry’s Food Stores​

Create an online account at Fry’s Food Stores. Connect your loyalty card to TigerMountain Foundation. Then, when you shop at Fry’s with your loyalty card we get a donation.

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TigerMountain Foundation is Partnering With AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop.

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For setup: go to your account settings, go to “Other programs” select “Change your Amazon Smile charity” and choose TigerMountain Foundation. Once you set your account up that way, every time you buy at it automatically generates something for TMF. Do NOT enter through or TMF won’t benefit. 

See How We Are Empowering The Community

Learn more about our on-the-job opportunities: community gardens and landscaping initiatives. Discover our non-profit community garden.

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What is Agricultural Landscaping?

Agricultural Landscaping: (noun, verb)

noun: meaning a landscape that incorporates features of “agriculture” and “landscape”. It seamlessly blends these parts together with the use of fruits, vegetables, and plants. Additionally, Agri-Landscape decreases waste and saves on water usage.

verb: the act of creating elegant, productive, and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of health and humanity.

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Thank you goes out to our Sponsors

Also, Thank You Partners — City of Phoenix/Cares Act, USDA, NRCS, Roosevelt School District, Tanner Properties, Valley of the Sun United Way, Equality Health Foundation, Arizona State University and Maricopa County Public Health Department

Support a local organization like TigerMountain Foundation that is helping Phoenix grow and thrive. Your contributions give hope and support to the community.