News about TigerMountain Foundation

Join TMF at the Big Catz Culinary Experience Fundraiser

TigerMountain Foundation’s garden initiatives are special because people from all walks of life selflessly come together to help others in need. That’s how in 2020, we provided almost 54,000 meals of fresh, naturally grown produce to Maricopa county residents, many of them from socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods located in

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Fresh Food Collaboration

Fresh Food Collaboration: A Blossoming Partnership

Our Shared Goal Urban Farming Education and TigerMountain Foundation Partnered up together to help tackle the issue of food insecurity in Phoenix. As part of this partnership, the Fresh Food Collaboration Movement was created. This is a group of local organizations working to help alleviate food access issues due to

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The growth of Tiger Mountain Foundation

The strength of TigerMountain Foundation | Arizona

The strength of TigerMountain Foundation The first few steps Darren Chapman grew up in Phoenix and Los Angeles during the 1970s, going to school in both cities for half of the year. Darren was caught between two cities. But for Chapman, it was not much of an issue. Getting a

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Teenagers and gardening

Teenagers, Gardening and TigerMountain Foundation

Teenagers, Gardening And TigerMountain Foundation Teenagers and gardening almost seem like the two words don’t mix right? Here at Tiger Mountain Foundation, our local community always comes first. A field-related educational experience creates an opportunity early on for students to learn about the working world. Students can make a connection

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Phoenix community garden

Gardening Celebration in the Desert | Phoenix Community Events

Phoenix Community Garden Celebration Hello Friends! Join us at Tiger Mountain Foundation as we will be holding a special Phoenix community garden celebration Saturday, June 11th. We will also be hosting our garden session from 8 am-11:30 am. Which includes garden volunteering, a community performance, a meal, and also a

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Spaces of Opportunity | Phoenix, AZ | TigerMountian Foundation

Spaces of Opportunity Garden Phoenix Here at Tiger Mountain Foundation, we make it our goal to help our local community become great and grow together as one. We work with Spaces of Opportunity Garden Phoenix. That said our community garden helps those who are in need. The TigerMountain Foundation reverses

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