Garden Celebration at the Garden Of Tomorrow May 28th!

Garden Celebration at the Garden Of Tomorrow

Phoenix Community Events

Garden Celebration: Garden Of Tomorrow. Hello Friends! Tiger Mountain Foundation is holding a special community garden celebration Saturday, May 28th.
We will be hosting our garden session from 8 am-11:30 am which also includes garden volunteering, a community performance, a meal, and also a donation-based produce stand featuring vegetables grown in our garden! For more information, please visit the Garden of Tomorrow Facebook Page. Additionally, we host many Phoenix Community Events.

We Cultivate Better Communities – Through Co-Op Gardens in Phoenix, AZ

Our mission is simple: To empower communities to better themselves from within. We also do this through community garden volunteer work through Co-Op gardens in Phoenix, AZ and landscaping initiatives. In South Phoenix, and other challenged communities where we work, there are high rates of incarceration, poor health choices, and a low ranking education system. So how do we combat these challenges? Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). That just means we don’t give a hand out, instead we give the community a hand up.
Many of the staff, including CEO Darren Chapman, are also formerly incarcerated persons from the very neighborhoods we serve. Our advisors and 8 board members come from administrative positions in such large organizations. These include Vitalyst Health, Bank of America, and Keep Phoenix Beautiful. We are an Arizona Qualified Charity and receive tax credit donations plus receive individual donations through various employer payroll deductions.

How We Empower Communities To Help Themselves

  • Restore pride in a community through beautification of vacant lots.
  • Inspire people to volunteer and engage in their community.
  • Provide youth the skills they need to prepare them for employment—and also a better life.
  • Provide people on-the-job opportunities through landscaping, planting in community gardens, and also selling and marketing what they grow at farmers’ markets.