Fresh Produce From TigerMountain Foundation 501c3 in Phoenix AZ

Here at TigerMountain Foundation, we help support and bring together our local community. One of the ways we like to do this is by growing fresh produce. Everything from fruits to veggies, our local community shares a fun and safe environment to help us grow together as one. We want to help improve local food by transforming landscapes into beautiful and healthy food gardens. Now You can get fresh Produce From TigerMountain Foundation 501c3 Phoenix AZ.

Not only do we help to Empower Communities, but also our goal is to is to help them learn to help themselves and restore pride within our community through beautification of our vacant lots. The TigerMountain Foundation also provides the community children and young adults the skills of nature. Helping them to prepare for their future and future careers.  Creating a better life for them and their families. Here at TigerMountain we want to inspire people to take part in our non-profit community garden and engage in their community.

What We Do And Why We Do It!

We have been proud to help our communities GROW. Our main mission here at TigerMountain Foundation is to help build and improve local food access & sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens. This mission can be easily managed with the help of online tools, education, and our professional support. The TigerMountain Foundation plants fruits & veggies while cultivating better communities. This is done through community garden volunteer work. Which do not worry if you are interested in learning how to become a volunteer, then you better just keep reading.

Fresh Produce From TigerMountain Foundation 501c3 Phoenix AZ

TigerMountain and Utopian Harvest have collaborated to deliver CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription produces boxes full of fresh fruits and produce. But that is not it. At Tiger Mountain Foundation we bring also bring our fruits and veggies to local farmer’s markets. We also help to Provide people on-the-job opportunities through landscaping, planting in community gardens, and selling and marketing what they grow at farmers’ markets.

Getting the absolute best of the best visiting our garden would be an even better experience. The markets on a donation-basis, ensuring equal access to healthy food choices. (EBT Accepted). TigerMountain Foundation participants also take our locally grown, nutritious produce to markets where we help to engage and educate the residents about our non-profit community garden, nutrition, community work, and more. Find out how you can order a food box from TigerMountain Foundation.

What Can Gardening Do For Me?

Now a day’s life can be a bit to busy for us to stay in tune with nature. That is one of the main reasons gardening is so important. Here at TigerMountain Foundations nonprofit community garden is so important. It helps not only get people back in touch with the earth but also helps them to get in touch with those around them. Gardening gives us a chance to create a healthier environment too. From producing oxygen to creating some more greenery, gardening always helps. This way there are various benefits of gardening.

More Benefits Of Gardening

These are only a few of the many benefits our community garden can possibly help you. Overall, being around nature and each other can make all of us a lot happier and feel peaceful. And all while staying and eating healthy with our own freshly made produce.

  1. Gardening reduces stress.
  2. Growing your own food can help you eat healthier.
  3. Gardening can build self-esteem.
  4. It can lower your blood pressure.
  5. Spending time outside is good for your bones.
  6. provides a source of community.

Can Gardening Help Make Me Happy?

Gardening is an effective way of improving your physical and psychological wellbeing. With all the digging, lifting, pruning, weeding, watering, harvesting, planting, raking, transplanting, and moving, it is clear how gardening can have many physical benefits. But research shows that these benefits can also extend to our minds as well!

Gardening takes effort and because of this, a natural responsibility for the survival of your plants starts to take bloom within you. Sometimes you see them from seed to blossoming shrub. Other times you forget to water them, and they die. Regardless, caring for something other than yourself can be gratifying and purposeful. And as a bonus, the hard work will provide you with tasty little vegetables (who does not love free food?).

How Can I Be A Volunteer?

The TigerMountain Foundation is always accepting everyone to join in on all the fun of gardening and creating fresh produce. Click here to get in contact with us and become a volunteer today and help spread positivity and fresh produce to our local communities.

Volunteer with TigerMountain Foundation by visiting our Activities page where you will find timeslots for volunteering. You can also make a donation to us through Fry’s Food Stores when you connect your loyalty card to TigerMountain Foundation. TigerMountain Foundation has also partnered with AmazonSmile, where a percentage of your purchases goes back to TMF.  For questions or concerns about volunteering, call 602-687-7725 or send us a message here. Learn more about our organization at

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