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Community Garden Meeting at Spaces

September 25 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

9/25  Meeting Notes
Attendees:  Bruce Babcock, Carla, Blanca, Deborah Muhammad, Khadijah Muhammad, Jessica Blanco Ramos, Nick Kelly, Adrian M, Akbar Aziz, Derrick Rodgers, Harold Lloyd, Darren Chapman, Kendra Branham
Parking:  All agreed; there should be no parking in front of the dumpsters; this will reduce parking by a few spots.  Bruce noted the city plan identified 66 parking spots available in the space designated for parking so there should not be a huge impact overall.
Upcoming Event:  Trees Matter coming next FRI with 55 trees to plant at SOO next FRI.  Trees consist of citrus, pomegranate, fig and carob.  Amy from Trees Matter is bringing 75 volunteers to do the planting and will need volunteer / project coordination to help the event run smoothly.  Bruce highlighted it may be necessary to arrange for the TigerMountain FRI garden session to be redirected to SOO from GOT.  Brandon agreed it was necessary.  Kendra asked if the WED SOO / FRI GOT sessions should be flipped this week, and Brandon said no, it was not necessary.
Common Area Cleanup:  Blanca inquired about which org was responsible for cleaning up the east side canal space that runs along the mural wall.  She only ever sees Unlimited Potential cleaning that space up however the canal is frequently full of litter.  It was proposed that a site map shows the organizations are responsible for which common areas and the schedule / days they plan to maintain them.  After further discussion, it was noted that more often TigerMountain has more workforce + volunteer presence than Unlimited Potential, therefore TMF will visually inspect the 3 areas below every WED and tackle trash pick up, weeding, and landscape trimming that needs to be done (or complete any unfinished areas).
  1. Front retention area (south side)
  2. Shaded tree path (running diagonal from bathrooms to NE farm plots)
  3. Mural wall along canal (east side)
Tractor Availability:  Blanca reported again issues with tractor availability and the unfairness perception that exists.  Darren agreed that there is likely a lot of time going into the food forest project and that we needed to be mindful to give more tractor time to the gardeners + farmers.  A need was expressed to have more tractor drivers available.  Darren will work with Emma, John, Sprouts, DBG, etc. to identify what needs to be done from insurance and liability perspective in order to allow Blanca, Jesus, and possibly Adrian to become tractor operators as well.  Blanca was very happy and excited for this new learning opportunity.  Bruce has some educational videos he will share with Jessica and Blanca.  During this conversation, Kendra added the following points based on input provided by Hussein and other SOO farmers at last week’s summit.
  • The tractor that exists now is underpowered / not appropriate for 20 acre farming usage; it is more applicable to 1 acre small project needs.
  • Due to #1 above, and allowing many farmers to operate the tractor without much education or experience, this caused permanent damage to the tractor.  This results in the tractor breaking down frequently and requiring costly repairs.  The repair will be necessary on an ongoing frequency  as it is not possible to permanently repair the issue.  The repair is not only costly but takes many days or more to complete each time it occurs.
  • There is a second tractor that is loaned to us when the tractor is in the repair shops however it is logistically inefficient and time consuming to obtain and return the borrowed tractor.  Also not to mention the huge amount of wear and tear that SOO has now put on the borrowed tractor.
  • It has been communicated to landscapers to bring their wood chips and tree limbs dumps to SOO however the tractor drivers are unable to keep up with the amount being brought in.  This leads to unsightly piles, unpleasant smells, neighbor complaints, and further bottlenecks the tractor availability (less tractor time for the gardeners + farmers).
Based on the above conversation and additional input from Adrian + Bruce, Darren advised that he will bring up the following points on MON’s SOO Executive Founders meeting:
  1. NEED:  2 tractors at all times; 1 can be back up however it is likely 2 tractors are needed to handle the volume of work on the land.
  2. NEED:  More than 2 tractor operators; Blanca has expressed interest in learning.  Ideally, Darren would like to identify 1-2 others as well.  What paperwork or approvals are needed to work towards this goal?
  3. NEED:  appropriate tractor for the space.  The tractor selected needs to be bigger and more powerful and suitable to maintain 20 acre space and all the needs of this land.
  4. NEED:  33-40 inch flail mower.  Bruce identified the need for this tool in order to tackle the bigger weeds.  It was discussed the need for someone in the community to contribute their work to use this tool for maintenance of the land.
  5. NEED:  2 electric golf carts that can be used as alternatives to so many gas vehicles and tractors driving through the space.  Adrian shared examples of many trips back and forth several times a day between the plot and cooler where some are using vehicles to do so.  Also golf carts can be useful to take groups on tours or run people or tools out to plots.
Thank you all for joining the meeting and sharing your perspectives and ideas!
Meeting Agenda:

Spaces of Opportunity Community Garden meeting every 4th Saturday _1200 w. Vineyard ave. 

Sept 25th 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Agenda 

  1. Community Garden standard operating procedure:


– Retention basins upkeep 

– Parking locations 

– Disposal of personal waste 

– Upcoming volunteer days – volunteer assistance 

> Unlimited Potential welcome volunteers every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7am – 10am. 

> Bruce with Tiger Mountain Foundation: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. > SOO Farmers Market: every Saturday 9am-1pm & Evening Farmer’s Market every 3rd Saturday 6pm-9pm. 

  1. New Irrigation System Section “F”
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Monthly community gardener meeting

– Meeting notes and agenda out 2 weeks before the 4th Saturday meeting – Lock/close all doors. 

– If you are here in the afternoon, after 1pm, please lock the shed. 


Next meeting with the Community Gardeners: 

– Every 4th Saturday of the month: Janua, 2021 4:30pm-5:30pm


Reunión de Spaces of Opportunity Community Garden cada cuarto sábado del mes 

1200 W. Ave Vineyard 

Agosto 25 4:30 – 5:30 pm Agenda de la reunión 

  1. Operaciones estandar del Jardin comunitario: 
  • Mantenimiento de las cuencas de retencion 
  • Espacios de estacionamiento 
  • Disponer de la basura personal 
  • Proximas oportunidades de voluntariado – Se necesitan voluntarios Unlimited Potential le da la bienvenida a los voluntaries cada 

Miercoles, Viernes y Sabado de 7 am a 10 am 

Bruce con Tiger Mountain Foundation: Lunes, Martes y Jueves 

Spaces of Opportunity farmers market: cada Sabado de 9 am – 1pm y nuestro mercado por la tarde cada tercer Sabado del mes de 6pm – 


  1. Sección “F” del nuevo sistema de riego
  2. Responsabilidades y roles 
  3. Reunion mensual del Jardin comunitario


September 25
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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Bruce Babcock


Spaces of Opportunity Community Garden
1200 W. Vineyard Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85041 United States
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