TigerMountain Foundation is offering Phoenix Co-op gardens and local initiatives to help the community. South Phoenix has an 81% recidivism (return back to jail) rate — one of the highest in the nation.

But we’re changing that. 80% of TigerMountain participants stay in school or out of jail. And you can help us make that even higher. 

Support Phoenix Co-op Gardens

Donate with Groceries

  • Create an online account at Fry’s Food Stores.
  • Connect your loyalty card to TigerMountain Foundation. 
  • Then, when you shop at Fry’s with your loyalty card we get a donation.*

Give Your Time

Want to volunteer with us? We’re always looking for more help. When you volunteer with TigerMountain Foundation, you are helping make your community a better place. 

Gift Us Tools

We’d love to accept donations of lawn/garden tools or outdoor furniture. We accept any gardening and landscaping tools. Our volunteers depend on your donation to get the job done. 

Ready To Volunteer or Donate?

Contact us about volunteer opportunities or donations for tools. 

Can You Donate Money?

When you give, your dollars make a difference in South Phoenix communities. Any amount you donate is really appreciated but YOU can really make an impact by checking the “Make This Recurring” box and give every month.

  • Kitten - $1/month - Provide a package of seeds to the garden each month.
  • House & Garden Cat - $5/month - Provides seeds for our gardens to feed 10 families.
  • BobCat - $10/month - Provides water for the garden one day a month.
  • Liger - $15/month - Provides a living wage to transitional worker for an hour.
  • Tigon - $25/month - Provides enough tools to maintain a 1.5-acre garden.
  • Jaguar - $50/month - Provides enough money to add 2 youths to our on-the-job development initiative.
  • Mountain Lion - $100/month - Provides enough seed for a 5-acre garden and to add 2 youths to our initiative.
  • Tiger - $500/month - Oh My, You are changing the community on a massive scale.
  • Tiger - $500/month - Oh My, You are changing the community on a massive scale.

Thank you goes out to our Sponsors

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