CSA Produce Box

At TigerMountain Foundation our commitment is to provide you with fresh, healthy, naturally grown, hyper-local, and delicious produce every week. By signing up for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce box, you not only enjoy fresh food but also support our mission to make food accessible to all, foster local economic opportunities, and empower the young men and women in our at-risk community.

We’re excited that you’ve chosen to be part of the TigerMountain Foundation community through our CSA produce box program. Each box is carefully curated, filled with hand-selected premium-choice vegetables and fruits. Please take a moment to read this document as it serves as the agreement between you and TigerMountain Foundation. You’ll need to sign this agreement and make payment before receiving your first subscription box, which will be sent to you electronically via email after signing.

Our pre-paid produce box is part of our CSA program, a unique collaboration between growers and community members who share in the joys and challenges of local produce cultivation. When you subscribe to a CSA box, a portion of our harvest is dedicated to filling your weekly in-season produce box. It’s also an opportunity to learn about sustainable local farming practices. Supporting our local food system means you enjoy fresher produce, bolster the local economy, and reduce the environmental impact associated with the global food industry.

We pledge to provide you with fresh, high-quality produce for your family’s enjoyment on a weekly basis. However, nature has its own plans, and some weeks, the quantity of specific items may vary due to factors like weather conditions, growing cycles, and harvest availability.

Our produce is harvested just 72 hours before delivery to pick-up locations. After harvest, we carefully wash and store the produce in a cooler. While we don’t use synthetic pesticides or herbicides, we encourage customers to rinse their produce again before consumption.

Share Pick-Up

You can conveniently pick up or expect delivery your produce at the following TigerMountain Foundation locations:

  • Brooks People’s Garden – 3146 E Wier Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040
  • Delivery option available for an additional cost.

Ready to enjoy fresh, locally grown produce and support a local organization like TigerMountain Foundation?

Support a local organization like TigerMountain Foundation that is helping Phoenix grow and thrive. Your contributions give hope and support to the community. 

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