TigerMountain Foundation is a Non-Profit in Phoenix AZ

Contact TigerMountain Foundation Economic/Community Development– TMF has a profound impact on the lives of at-risk youth and their families in the community by presenting them a healthy eating and living lifestyle.  Additionally, our organization is a non-profit in Phoenix AZ. We also provide tangible value in the community through our intergenerational, multicultural experiential learning sessions which impact food scarcity by providing gardens with nutritious, chemical-free fruits, and vegetables. TMF empowers participants and their families with skills to be valuable employees or have the knowledge to start their own backyard gardens to resolve their food scarcity issues.

To us, racial equity is the American Promise in action: a society wherein one’s ethnic lineage and color of skin are left to the history books as we embrace a new identity, united as Americans. We also see a future without checked boxes on forms that categorize and divide us. This is a future where such things have become unnecessary and we all stand on equal footing.  TMF also does not discriminate on any basis. All are welcome.

At TigerMountain, a person’s performance, merit and personal familiarity with the problems at hand are the only things that matter for leadership positions. Additionally, Our CEO and approximately half of the participants are African-American.  The Community we serve is also largely made up of marginalized persons of varied ethnic compositions.




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