Spaces of Opportunity Garden

Spaces of Opportunity Garden

Spaces of Opportunity Garden

The Spaces of Opportunity Garden is our 19-acre urban plot farm located in Phoenix, Arizona. Tiger Mountain Foundation has taken this empty lot and turned it into a beautiful, flourishing garden that is centered at the heart of its community, surrounded by schools and neighborhood homes.

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Join TMF at the Big Catz Culinary Experience Fundraiser


TigerMountain Foundation’s garden initiatives are special because people from all walks of life selflessly come together to help others in need. That’s how in 2020, we provided almost 54,000 meals of fresh, naturally grown produce to Maricopa county residents, many of them from socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods located in food deserts. But what matters more to us than produce is the lifeblood of TigerMountain Foundation: you. Our supporters like yourself are incredibly vital to our mission. You are the foundation on which we are built. TigerMountain Foundation provides many opportunities to give back and organizes fundraising events in Phoenix.

Support The Phoenix, AZ Community

And, frankly, 2020 was a rough year for everyone.  Quarantine has still kept our communities apart.  TigerMountain Foundation has consistently been an organization focused on connecting our communities and breaking down the social isolation that many communities suffer regardless of a pandemic.  This is another reason we are holding this event: to safely bring our community back together, reconnect, eat together, and celebrate the beauty we possess as whole. Let’s celebrate our local artists and creatives and enjoy a sunset meal on the farm.

Fundraising Events in Phoenix, AZ 

Be a Big Cat and join us for the great reconnection of 2021, the Big Catz Culinary Experience. Each of you are big catz in our eyes, devoted to ending income and food insecurity. Be ready for a wonderful celebration that honors the diversity, empowerment, and accomplishments of TigerMountain Foundation. It will bring together community supporters, farmers, and members to enjoy a cultural culinary tour-experience of our oasis in the desert. We owe it to you to share an evening together. There is no way we could do the impactful work we do without a hand from others.

Join us April 1st, 2021 from 5 PM to 7:30 PM at the Spaces of Opportunity

This is an in-person event with required face mask usage and social distancing. Luckily, our Spaces of Opportunity space is nearly 20 acres big, so distancing will not be a challenge!

All fundraiser proceeds will benefit Phoenix communities facing food and/or income insecurity. Our efforts are especially strong in the South Phoenix area where the recidivism (return back to jail) rate is 81% — one of the highest in the nation. But we’re changing that: 80% of TigerMountain participants stay in school or out of jail. And you can help us make that even higher. At the end of our day, our ultimate mission is to empower people by building sustainable community gardens, providing life skills support and workforce development through neighborhood revitalization and beautification​.​ We hope to act as a change agent for healthy living – a healthy community where all citizens can reach their maximum potential. It certainly takes a village to accomplish this, and we are glad to have you at our side. We hope you are able to join us in-person during the evening of April 1st, 2021! If you prefer to not come in-person to this fundraiser and still want to contribute, please donate to TigerMountain Foundation online (we are a 501(c)3 organization so you can claim a tax deduction). TigerMountain Foundation is a Qualifying Charity for the Arizona Tax Credit and you may be able to take a tax deduction. Your donation will make a significant difference in our ability to help others. Show your support here.

About TigerMountain Foundation

Our mission is simple: To empower communities to better themselves from within. We do this through community garden volunteer work through shared use Community Gardens/Incubator Farms, other cultivated spaces of opportunity in Phoenix, AZ and landscaping initiatives. In South Phoenix, and other challenged communities where we work, there are high rates of incarceration, poor health choices and a low ranking education system. So how do we combat these challenges? Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). This means we don’t give a hand out, we give the community a hand up and empower our community stakeholders. TigerMountain Foundation provides many opportunities to give back and organizes fundraising events in Phoenix.
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Fresh Food Collaboration: A Blossoming Partnership

Fresh Food Collaboration

Our Shared Goal

Urban Farming Education and TigerMountain Foundation Partnered up together to help tackle the issue of food insecurity in Phoenix. As part of this partnership, the Fresh Food Collaboration Movement was created. This is a group of local organizations working to help alleviate food access issues due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Fresh Produce From TigerMountain Foundation 501c3 in Phoenix AZ

Here at TigerMountain Foundation, we help support and bring together our local community. One of the ways we like to do this is by growing fresh produce. Everything from fruits to veggies, our local community shares a fun and safe environment to help us grow together as one. We want to help improve local food by transforming landscapes into beautiful and healthy food gardens. Now You can get fresh Produce From TigerMountain Foundation 501c3 Phoenix AZ.

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TigerMountain Foundation Offers The Best Volunteer Opportunities In Phoenix, AZ

The Best Volunteer Opportunities

TigerMountain Foundation Offers The Best Volunteer Opportunities In Phoenix, AZ

During these tumultuous times, many people want to become a part of their community and offer a helping hand. The Phoenix community depends on volunteers to empower the community and make it a better place. TigerMountain Foundation is a non-profit organization in Phoenix that produces community gardens and sustainable food options. We offer some of the best volunteer opportunities in Phoenix, AZ.

Why You Should Volunteer at TigerMountain Foundation

Are you someone who loves the outdoors? Do you have a “green thumb” or an affinity for landscaping? If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a community garden, there are opportunities right in your community. You might be feeling inspired to roll up your sleeves and make an impact in the greater Phoenix community. Being a volunteer at TigerMountain Foundation means that you’ll be part of something bigger than yourself. When you volunteer with us, you will:

  1. Learn how to grow produce that is free of chemicals
  2. Learn about the importance of good nutrition
  3. Develop a strong with an ethic
  4. Gain entrepreneurial and financial knowledge
  5. Understand how to work as a team with others from different backgrounds

It Takes A Community To Make A Garden Flourish

TigerMountain Foundation depends on volunteers like you to make a difference. Our volunteers are from different backgrounds and walk of life. Many of our volunteers are at-risk youth and adults who want to help out the community. Our volunteer teams work in challenged communities where there are high rates of incarceration, poor health choices, and a low-ranking education system.

The TigerMountain Foundation (TMF) plants fruits & veggies while cultivating better communities. This is done through community garden volunteer work. Our multi-cultural, inter-generational Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) means we don’t give a handout, we give the community a hand up.

It’s a Place To Learn and Share

Even if you have little to no experience with gardening and landscaping, you shouldn’t let this deter you from volunteering. Anyone can get started with community gardening. You’ll work with seasoned volunteers who will show you how to weed, pick up trash, build irrigation systems, maintain gardens, and prune trees. Not only will you learn the basics of gardening, but you’ll build friendships along the way with other volunteers. Our team likes to have fun and share laughs while they are hard at work.

Gardening Has Many Benefits On Your Well Being

Not only are you helping the community, but gardening and landscaping also has some amazing physical and mental benefits. For starters, you’ll be getting a great workout, between raking, weeding, and planting. Outdoor activities like gardening boost your Vitamin D and improve your heart health.

Gardening is also a great stress reliever, mood booster, and improves self-esteem. Many of us who live busy lives forget what it’s like to be connected with nature and living things. When you get your hands dirty, you’ll gain a heightened awareness and appreciation of all living organisms.

How We Empower Communities To Help Themselves

At TigerMountain Foundation, we don’t just plant fruits and vegetables. We cultivate better communities through co-op gardens in Phoenix, AZ. Here are just a few ways that we empower the community:

  1. Restore pride in a community through the beautification of vacant lots.
  2. Inspire people to volunteer and engage in their community.
  3. Provide youth the skills they need to prepare them for employment—and a better life.
  4.  Provide people on-the-job opportunities through landscaping, planting in community gardens, and selling and marketing what they grow at farmers’ markets.

Volunteer Opportunities in Phoenix, AZ with TigerMountain Foundation

At TigerMountain Foundation, we have month-long volunteer events that you can attend. You can visit the Activities page to view our events and choose a date that works best for your schedule. Here are a few upcoming Volunteer Opportunities that you can look out for Fourth Saturday TMF Experience June 27 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Come and Celebrate volunteering in the community at Spaces of Opportunity on the 4th Saturday of each month.

There will be lots of things to do and learn from multiple Organizations. Including a conversation relevant to living, working, and supporting our community. Light stretching to get ourselves ready to do some gardening tasks. A Healthy Roots demo and a Free Lunch. Throughout the morning there will be music and maybe some dancing.

Tour the TMF Gardens (Various Dates)

You’ll work with the TigerMountain Foundations participants in maintaining their community gardens. We meet at the Garden of Tomorrow and do some light weeding, harvesting, and planting. Then typically we go to our kitchen to prep and clean produce for our Farmers Markets. Then we go to the Spaces of Opportunity Garden and do a bit more weeding, harvesting, and planting in the TMF plots or Community Garden areas.

Help In the Community Garden (Various Dates)

Volunteers will be working in the Spaces of Opportunity Garden. We will be doing various projects to build out and maintain the garden areas. Activities could include weeding, picking up trash, building irrigation systems, building, and maintaining garden paths, Punning trees, and having some fun while engaging in our community with a healthy lifestyle initiative.

About Our Volunteer Process

Volunteers at TigerMountain Foundation are required to fill out a volunteer signup form when you register for each volunteer event. These forms include consent and release agreement and a waiver of liability. For volunteers under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian signature.

TigerMountain Foundation Non-Profit Organization in Phoenix, AZ

At TigerMountian Foundation, our mission is to empower communities to better themselves from within. This is done through community gardening. We empower others by building community gardens, providing job skills, support, and workforce development through neighborhood revitalization and beautification.

TigerMountain Foundation CEO Darren Chapman and many staff were formerly incarcerated and lived in the same Phoenix neighborhoods that we serve. We believe in social and economic mobility, and our strategies encourage adults and youth through our landscaping initiatives alongside capable, hard-working professionals who encourage and mentor them every step of the way.

Volunteer with TigerMountain Foundation by visiting our Activities page where you will find timeslots for volunteering. You can also make a donation to us through Fry’s Food Stores when you connect your loyalty card to TigerMountain Foundation. TigerMountain Foundation has also partnered with AmazonSmile, where a percentage of your purchases goes back to TMF. For questions or concerns about volunteering, call 602-687-7725, or send us a message here. Learn more about our organization at

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