Bringing Community Together During Times of Isolation

TigerMountain Foundation has been able to continue its positive impact on many people in the community during times of this big change–particularly with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing Our Community

TigerMountain Foundation has always been about bringing the community together and working together to empower one another. One of TigerMountain Foundation’s main goals is focused on creating these gardens so that they can improve everyone’s lives. Through teaching others how they are able to grow their own food by building a beautiful produce-garden just as they do.

South Phoenix Gardens

Following the big changes of the pandemic, TigerMountain Foundation gratefully has been able to continue their support for the community by growing fresh fruits and vegetables, making them available to everyone. Our gardens are located in South Phoenix, an area known as a “food desert”. Which is an urban area defined by its difficulty to find fresh food that is affordable and of good quality.

Together as a Community

TigerMountain Foundation has been able to make everyone feel safe and supported by making sure that they have a place where they can go to find such foods, free of pesticides and free of access complications. The pandemic has brought many challenges to all of us. As well as the Tiger Mountain Foundation community in Phoenix Arizona. Some ways that TigerMountain Foundation has been able to combat this challenge of isolation is by continuing to flourish the community gardens. TigerMountain Foundation has been able to continue with the following:

One of TigerMountain Foundation’s flourishing gardens, called The Garden of Tomorrow, has been able to continue to help the community have a more active and quality lifestyle by providing everyone with a garden they can go to and be a part of the family.

Coming together in the garden plots, bringing harvested produce to farmer’s markets, and additional community experiences have not suffered. Through the pandemic, TigerMountain Foundation has continued to provide the community with a variety of fruits and vegetables and engagement opportunities.

Safety Comes First

Incorporating social distancing and honoring the safety of others by wearing masks around our garden plots. This has been vital to ensuring continued success during the pandemic. Although at times many of us may feel alone and isolated from aspects of our community. TMF offers an opportunity to reconnect and stay engaged. The garden is known to be a safe haven for some. Providing a space where individuals finally feel like they can breathe again.

Coming Together

The gardens allow everyone to come together and get involved in an outdoor activity. One that safely respects masking and social distancing. Being outside involved with a garden can be very beneficial to your mental health. As you can engage in exercise while soaking up Vitamin D with sunshine. During these times of isolation, we need to boost our immune system. Being able to get out and be a part of the garden and have access to fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden will help do so.

Impact On Lives

Even though many of us feel isolated in these strange times, TigerMountain Foundation has been able to continue to make strong impacts on lives in our community. We strive to make all garden experience opportunities and available products as accessible to the community as possible. This is something many individuals cherish greatly in times of isolation.

The Gardens allow everyone in the community to come together and work with one another. Members of the community simply regain the chance to socialize. Which many of us haven’t been able to do for so long. Being outside and having access to the Garden. Helps these times of Isolation continue to create a positive impact on everyone.