Who Is TigerMountain Foundation?

We Don't Just Plant Fruits & Vegetables

We Cultivate Better Communities - Through Co-Op Gardens in Phoenix, AZ

Our mission is simple: To empower communities to better themselves from within. We do this through community garden volunteer work through shared use Community Gardens/Incubator Farms, other cultivated spaces of opportunity in Phoenix, AZ and landscaping initiatives. In South Phoenix, and other challenged communities where we work, there are high rates of incarceration, poor health choices and a low ranking education system. So how do we combat these challenges? Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). This means we don’t give a hand out, we give the community a hand up and empower our community stakeholders.
The TigerMountain Foundation (TMF) plants fruits & veggies while cultivating better communities. This is done through community garden volunteer work, internships and paid incentivized participation. Our multi-ethnic, inter-generational Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) means we consider each and every person a reciprocal spoke in the wheel of our organizations pending success. We’re definitely live by the mantra “you’re only as good as our last day”.

Our 3 community conceptual tenants:

  1. Personal and Community transitional and transformational via our PSR (Personal Strategy Roadmap)
  2. Workforce and economic development via our agri landscaping and nutritious produce grown to scale
  3. Healthy eating, more active lifestyles via our incubator farm/community garden projects.

Board of Directors

Nick Kelly

Board Chairperson - Bank of America

Michael Shelton

Treasurer - City of Phoenix (retired)

Tom Waldeck

CEO - Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Crys Waddell

Creative Strategist/COO - HustlePHX

Dr. Hanifah Muhammad

Secretary - Holistic Medicine—MAA Wellness

Ben Van Maren

Valleywise Health

Donna Williams

AKA Essential/GGTG

IRS Non-Profit Letter

This letter from the IRS to TigerMountain Foundation details their status as a non-profit. We have provided a copy of this letter for your viewing. 

Arizona Tax Credit Certification

This letter from Arizona Department of Revenue stating that TigerMountain Foundation has met all the requirements to be considered a qualified charitable organization

How We Empower Communities To Help Themselves

Our Values: “TIGER”

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For setup: go to your account settings, go to “Other programs” select “Change your Amazon Smile charity” and choose TigerMountain Foundation. Once you set your account up that way, every time you buy at smile.amazon.com it automatically generates something for TMF. Do NOT enter through Amazon.com or TMF won’t participate. 

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